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A virtual library (VL) is an organized set of links to items (documents, software, images, databases etc) on the network. The purpose of a virtual library is to enable users of a site to find information that exists elsewhere on the network. A Virtual Library provides remote (on-line or CD-ROM-based) access to a variety of national and international content (e.g. curricula, learning materials, books, journals, magazines, newspapers), services traditionally offered by libraries and other information sources. Virtual Libraries thus combine materials in electronic format with an electronic network which ensures access to those materials
The main objectives of Virtual Library in Languages and Linguistics is to provides speedy and wide access to updated information in a global manner, to provide ICT-based access to a range of digitally available publications for educational and research purposes available in the public domain and from other sources and to save the time of the user by providing quick, easy and affordable access to it around the clock from various locations. Our Virtual Library collections includes Books, Journals, E-Theses and Dissertations, Working Papers, Indian Languages, Indian Scripts and so on.

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