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II. Category of Users:

1. The following categories of users are eligible to use the library:-

a) Members of the staff of the Institute and the Regional Language Centres.

b) Teacher-trainees of the Southern Regional Language Centre whose names appear on the rolls during any particular year.

c) Scholars collaborating with the Institute and those affiliated to the Institute and working in the Institute.

d) Any other person specially permitted by the Director to be an honorary member (with or without borrowing facility).

e) Any other person specially permitted by the Director or any Deputy Director to refer to the books in the library.

f) All Project Staff engaged in the Institute project specified period.

g) Retired members of the academic staff of the Institute

h) External faculty, research scholars and students from institutions, universities, etc

i) Trainees and participants in any workshop or short term courses run by the Institute.

02. Identity Card and Visitor’s card

a) Members of the staff of the Institute automatically become members of the library. All other category members will have to renew their library Identity Card every year in the month of April.

b) Identity cards are non-transferable and are required to be produced to the Library or Security personnel whenever asked for.

c) Identity cards must be produced when the member borrows a book.

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