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The CILS resources over the period of fourty three years acquired reference materials, special information resources in linguistics and allied areas. The library collection comprises print, non-print, E-resources. The average expenditure during the last five years is Rs. 70 lakhs. The library received the Ford Foundation grant during 1972-1975, and 1977-79 $ 48,000 and $ 40,000 which enabled the library to acquire the back volumes of important professional journal in linguistics and could build up its core collection in linguistics and Indian language studies. The total book collection of CIIL and its RLC libraries is more than two lakhs (more than 60% in Indian languages depicted in schema 1) and receives 500 journals, with 35,000 back volumes.

The print Collection :
  1. 99500 books
The Non-print collection is nearly 28,000 that includes the following materials.

  1. 2413 Cassette tapes (Audio & Video)
  2. 7613 Compact Disks
  3. 47 Film Strips
  4. 9 Gramophone records
  5. 2920 Maps (restricted and unrestricted maps)
  6. 12957 Microfiches
  7. 406 Microfilms
  8. 165 Photographs, charts on the development of Indian scripts and writings
  9. 167 Slides
  10. 896 Theses and Dissertation

The electronic resources include:

  1. E-journals Database (EBSCO)
  2. E-books(Cambridge University Press)
  3. CJDA-Online Journals
  4. Repository( CIILís academic contributions)
  5. Digitized documents (around 400 books)
  6. Inflibnet
Special collections include:
  1. Census reports and Imperial gazetteers from 1872 to 1951 in microfiche and in print form from 1961 onwards.
  2. Dictionaries and Encyclopedias in various Indian languages.
  3. Language textbooks from standard I to X in all major Indian Languages (taught in various states)
  4. College level textbooks published by various granth academies on various subjects in major Indian languages.
  5. Indian literature in translation.
  6. Children's literature in all major Indian languages.
  7. Adult education and literacy primer's.
  8. Reprints of rare documents
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